Details for LandXML To Features Conversion

Name:LandXML To Features Conversion
Description:Attached is an ArcMap template with an embedded form that is called by a UI Button. The tool works on the current edit layer in the target window of the Editor. It will work on the current ArcSDE connection parametrs or on the current filesystem data source.


The form displays and prompts for the output projection of the destination feature class tat feature will be written to. The source and destination can be different. The source data in the LandXML can either be in a supported NZ Projection (local circuit or national) or held in a supported geographic datum.

All coordinates will be read from the landxml file and converted into polygon (parcel features).

This will help to keep the LINZ cadastrecurrent with proposed submissions. These features can be removed once they become registered and improved in the system.

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