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Name:Label Stacker Utility
Description:This tool labels features using fields from a related table using an ArcMap relate.


The tool goes through and displays the fields from a relate from a selected feature layer. Select the field to use as the label field. The current map scale becomes the reference scale for labels (map annotation actually). Labels will be regenerated each time the command is run.

The labels feature-linked to the the feature layer. Unlike an Annotation feature class, the annotation group properties can be easily modified through the data frame.

Remember to build indexes on the relate field for speed.

From 9th July 2008 additional functionality has been added to control text color, alignment, text angle and text size.

Latest update handles labelling only features in the current extent.

Future work is is planned to handle labeling from many relates.

Now support for mutiple field labeling in the frmMultiStacker form.

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