Details for Create high and low precision geodatabases

Name:Create high and low precision geodatabases
Description:Previous to ArcGIS 9.2 Geodatabase coordinate storage was handled in single precision format. With the release of ArcGIS 9.2, the upgraded geodatabase stores coordinates in double precision.


By default, feature datasets are created for ArcSDE, file-based and personal geodatabases in double precision with ArcGIS 9.2. Using out of the box ArcGIS 9.2 functionality, there is no way to create single precision objects with pre ArcGIS 9.2 geodatabase.

I have put together a form whcih should be called from a UI Button in ArcCatalog. It works on the selected geotabase and will programmatically create a feature dataset with the option of specifying either low or high precision, the spatial extent and the spatial reference.

To use:
1. Unzip the contents of
2. In ArcCatalog go to Tools -> Customize
3. Hit the commands Tab
4. Categories -> [UIControls] -> [New UI Control]
5. Import the frmCreateFeatureset into the VBA Environment
6. Call the form from within the stub code of the UI Button onclick event using vbmodeless
7. Click on a geodatabase in Arccatalog
8. Execute the button

For now the backward compatability issue is averted!

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