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Name:Composite Layer Renderer For ArcCatalog

This Composite Layer Renderer AddIn for ArcCatalog sets individual layer symbology when layers are nested within a Composite Layer. 

This rendering tool assumes that the layers making up the composite layer have the schema definition. All layers will be symbolized to a selected field. 

Register the CompositeLayerRender.esriAddIn file in ArcCatalog. 

Select the layerfile in ArcCatalog. 
Click the Composite Layer Render Tool.
Select a Field From the Combobox.
Wait for the Rendering to finish For All Layers. 

The Tool is set up to use an Equal Interval ClassbreaksRenderer, Grayscale over 5 classes. This can be customised through the renderLayer procedure of the supplied Source Code. 

Three nexting levels are supported, but the ode can be (easily) adapted to support additional levels. 

This is a first cut of the working AddIn. Expect more error trapping in a later release. 

Feel free to contact us with suggestions and problems. 

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