Details for Many To One Feature Extraction For ArcPy

Name:Many To One Feature Extraction For ArcPy
Description:This tool is an update from the earlier tool on arcscripts in 2007.


Typically, a non-spatial database table requires geometry from a related feature. This is the case for parcels and property information. parcels have geometry and property describes the parcel.

"Many To One Feature Extraction For ArcPy" processes all the records in the table. The geometry from the related feature class is retrieved using the match field.

The output featureclass consists of a new feature class of the same geometry as the relate feature class. Records will share the same geometry in the output feature class if they have the same match key value.

This tool works with personal geodatabases, file geodatabases and shapefiles (for my sins).

On completion of the tool, use a join to join the original table information to the output feature class.

See the tool documentation for HOWTO information.

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