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ArcGIS - ArcView Erase Tool ArcGIS - ArcView Erase Tool

Date added: 03/29/2010
Date modified: 12/20/2011
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Now includes support to expose all parameters in model builder.

This updated script replaces the earlier python script. The tool has been created and tested using ArcGIS 9.2. However, unlike python, this script will work at all versions of ArcGIS 9. The toolbox and tool will need to be created in with an earlier version.

The first parameter is the Larger feature class ( the one whose features will be erased from). The Second parameter is the feature class with the features that will be used as a mask.

This geoprocessing has been built for an ArcGIS, ArcViw-level license, where users do not have access to the full ArcGIS, ArcInfo-level erase tool.

Because it makes use of a feature layer, the tool can executed from with in ArcMap or the ArcCatalog environment.

The methodology involves creating a union between the erase or mask featureclass and the main feature class which needs to have the features removed from behind erased feature class.

An erased feature class is created based on the non-erased feature class structure and features are appended to this feature class based using the temporary unioned feature class.

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